D esign for Manufacturability is the practice of reducing product manufacturing costs while maintaining designed performance requirements. Several factors must be considered for effective design that allows for low cost production.

  • Data transfer and CADCAM
  • Cost and availability of materials, finishes, etc.
  • Use of standard materials or sub-products
  • Number of parts or components
  • Complexity of product
  • Appropriateness of materials to manufacturing process
  • Design for ease of manufacture
  • Simple or low-cost tooling, jigs, fixtures, etc.
  • Tolerance requirements versus machining capabilities
  • Repairs, maintenance, and life cycle factors
  • New process applications
  • Assembly characteristics
  • Testing and servicing requirements
  • Appropriateness of design and materials in field use
  • Life cycle maintenance and cost issues
  • EdgeCam, Espirit, PC-Dimis, Unigraphics and SolidWorks softwares

Atec strives to achieve the lowest cost of manufacturing while maintaining the design criteria and long-term usability. Familiarity by Atec, Celtech, Hager and Vital Link personnel with the Energy and Aerospace industries make our manufacturability review speedy. Atec’s engineering team works closely with our manufacturing group during the product design phase to ensure precise and repeatable manufacturing results. Atec maintains processes to continually evaluate products during subsequent manufacturing cycles, and updates product designs as new technology and manufacturing techniques evolve. Atec employs the best proven technologies. Atec is experienced with manufacturing using computer models and 3D printing. Our manufacturing team regularly utilizes native and general solid model formats, as well as design based definition in the production of machined components.