A tec has made test equipment throughout all of its 65-year history. Test benches for aerospace and energy uses represent a significant segment of our experience. Atec has produced test benches involving hydraulics, mechanicals, electromechanicals, electronics, pneumatics, motors, and digital automation. Atec test benches have performed for challenging measurements, factory production, problem analysis and component overhaul scenarios. Today, complex test benches have capable data acquisition, control and communication systems integral in their electronics. Atec’s ADAQ™ system, based on COTS components and software, is proven and popular in test bench applications. DCUs, ECUs, FADECs and earlier analog or mechanical control units are easily interfaced.

Among our 130 engineers, Atec has a group with a long history in test benches. We have the support personnel to handle contract administration, design reviews and TIMs, drawings and manuals, and installation and training. After the sale, Atec will support you for trouble-shooting, repairs and upgrades. We offer full service, and we welcome your test bench inquiries.

Sample Projects:

  • Automated compressor/turbine test bench with controls for pipeline systems for Halliburton
  • Automated carburetor test bench for Harrison Carburetor
  • Flowmeters test benches for linearizing, totalizing, calibration and acceptance for USAF at various bases
  • Inertial welding system test benches with automated digital controllers for GE and Caterpillar
  • Engine Test Controller for F119 engine testing for Pratt & Whitney
  • Throttle test bench for computerized high altitude applications for USAF at Arnold AFB
  • Card reading flow meter test bench for Cox Flow Meters
  • Automated high torque throttle actuator motors test bench at Tinker AFB
  • Blade Tip Test Bench using laser sensors for Navy in Jacksonville, FL
  • Revamped APU test benches for Pratt & Whitney at Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA
  • Fuel pressure controllers test bench for USAF at Kelly AFB
  • APU test bench cell in Phoenix modular enclosure for Honeywell/Saudia Airlines
  • VENS F404/414 Nozzle Tester w/ ADAQ for HS/UTAS at Rome, NY
  • Hydraulic Propeller Pitch Control Test Bench for Lockheed Services in Ontario, CA