Procurement Overview

Atec, Inc. employs qualified buyers that are experienced in the purchasing and expediting of a broad range of materials, components, and services. From electronics to heavy fabrication, Atec’s purchasing department utilizes an active supplier management and inspection program to ensure the performance of suppliers to AS9100D and ISO9001 standards.

Because about half of our production is internal and the other half comes from suppliers, it is crucial to maintain the quality and integrity of the items we purchase. Our Quality Department strives to ensure that the supplier companies we work with produce items that get the job done in accordance with Atec’s high standards. We vet every single supplier we work with, beginning with a site visit and inspection of their facilities and capabilities. This is true even for purchases made through our subsidiaries Celtech Corp., Vital Link, Inc. and Hager Machine & Tool, Inc. Atec Companies assist and mentor smaller suppliers as part of our SB/SDB initiatives. We stress the importance of regular inspection within our own facility, as well. Our thorough complement of inspection processes for all materials, whether produced internally or externally, includes:

  • Incoming and Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • In-Process Materials and Procedures Review
  • Onsite Acceptance
  • Supplier Certification

Atec’s Philosophy of Procurement emphasizes meeting tight schedules and never sacrificing quality.

Atec’s Philosophy of Procurement

Low Cost + On Time + Quality = Project Success

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