The Atec companies apply refined accounting principles to our financial functions. Our tenure in aerospace and history with government and commercial contracts, and more have helped us build sophisticated practices to deliver precision and transparency in our fiscal relationships with our customers. Atec’s DCAA certified Compliant Accounting System (CAS) is adept at accurate management, reporting, billing and charging for all manner of contract types, including:

  • Cost-Plus Fee/Reimbursement
  • Incentive & Collaborative
  • Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity
  • Firm Fixed-Price & Fixed-Price Incentive
    Global Shop Solutions
  • Time & Materials/Labor Hours
  • Blanket with Task Orders
  • Field Crew Multi Site Regulated

The experience and knowledge of our CPAs, MBAs, financial and legal professionals are intrinsic to the ultimate success of our projects. The Atec accounting department produces detailed records and cost reports that allow Project Managers and Contract Administrators to stay abreast of project status and client needs. We utilize a Cost build up approach to allocate costs appropriately and specifically, as opposed to a general cost share system. Direct charging gives our clients visibility to how, when, and why costs are derived.  Our Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system – Global Shop – maintains interconnectivity between the departments of our company, keeping everyone informed as a project progresses.

Atec undergoes annual external audits as well as contractually-driven audits to satisfy the requirements of customers, agencies, and financial institutions. Additionally, we have an active Internal Audit program per our AS9100D Quality Management/Business system. Our CFO and Audit and Risk Committee collaborate to ensure all auditing, insurances, compliances, and risk mitigation meet our corporate commitments.