We realize that our suppliers play a pivotal role in our success. Almost half of Atec’s production originates externally. So in addition to our Purchasing Department’s active inspection program, we also have in place robust supplier management best practices. Our Supplier Management and Small Business Subcontracting Programs track and support the performance of our responsive supplier partners.

Supplier Assistance

We hold ourselves to a standard that is a cut above. But we also take great strides in ensuring that our suppliers are performing to these high standards as well. We can provide Pictoral Process Guides that demonstrate the “Atec” way of building a complex part, or arrange a video conference or provide a secure FTP site where suppliers can review drawings and parts concurrently with our engineering and manufacturing experts. We are also available via our 24/7 telephone hotline where we have a dedicated staff of knowledgeable SMEs ready to answer questions.


Atec ensures that all purchased materials and services conform to the specified requirements according to our documented procedures. We utilize Receiving and Inspection to ensure the quality of all products purchased from suppliers, including customer designated vendors.

Receiving Inspection and Testing

Incoming purchased materials are controlled per Receiving Inspection work instructions, and must also conform to the purchase order specifications.

In-process Inspection and Testing

Each operation of our production routers are signed during an in-process inspection or test to guarantee that specified inspections/tests have been completed prior to releasing the item to the next stage of production. An individual sign off is required by the responsible worker at the completion of each stage.

Final Inspection and Testing 

All Atec products are final inspected on a 100% basis.


Lastly, Atec is NDA-compliant. We regularly execute non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements with our suppliers and customers, and we make assessment of confidentiality issues a vital part of every job kick-off.

Additionally, we have an internal confidentiality/non-disclosure policy with a documented process whereby responsibility is flowed to key workers. The internal policy requires all involved parties to implement corresponding individual agreements.

We boast stringent security guidelines that safeguard our customer’s confidentiality and intellectual property. Whether the information is with us or with our suppliers, rest assured it will be as safe as reasonably possible.