A tec, Inc. has developed a new Control Cabin (P/N 4732-1004) as an alternative to the traditional control cab used in and around  engine test facilities. We have designed our control cab to minimize noise transmissions into the cab, to provide more space for operators and equipment, and to maximize the comfort of the operators. The Atec Control Cabin is compatible with all current Commercial and USAF/USN aircraft engine test systems, including ADAQ, ENDAS II, EDACS, FADAS, PC4 and SETI/JETI/TPTI.

The Control Cabin is easily moved with a fork lift and features shock mounting. Options for running gear provide standard towing capability for on-base/on-airport mobility. Atec designs and manufactures control cabins and control room modules for thrust stand operation. Developed from our Phoenix™ modular technology, the Atec Control Cab represents a significant improvement in operator productivity, safety, and comfort. Vital Link also brings significant new cab and cell acoustics and panel fabrication expertise to our modular offerings, especially for ultra quiet or ruggedness requirements. Atec Control Cabs are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations.

Control Cabs

Control Cab Extended

P/N 4732-1004

Key Features

  • Extended to 14’ long to provide more space
  • Noise transmission reduction:
    – 3” rock wool acoustic insulation in walls
    – Mini-Split HVAC System
    – Door located in the rear of the cabin
    – Cable pass through located at the end of the cab
  • Blast rated wall with Kevlar & blast rated window (Level 1)
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Mini-Split HVAC
  • Whole cab sits on isolation pads to reduce vibration transmission into the cab
  • Fork lift access for easy relocation
  • 36” wide door with emergency panic release

Key Advantages

  • 8’ H x 8’ W x 14’ L (Standard Configuration, Custom Sizes Available)
  • Superior noise reduction
  • C-130 transportable
  • Improved lighting
  • Fire Suppression Systems Available
  • Built-in work desk
  • CEDS/CETS are not rack-mountable
  • Compatible with all existing USAF engines
  • Configured for either 60 Hz or 50 Hz electrical power
  • Entire control console backed up by UPS
  • Main power electrical disconnect
  • Non-slip floor
  • Multiple groundpoints
  • Phone outlet
  • Exterior power outlets
  • Cable/Hose pass-through has exterior junction box to minimize noise transmissions