A tec, Inc. is an industry-preferred provider of full scale TurboFan test cell design, construction, maintenance, and refurbishment. Our seasoned aeroengine professionals and comprehensive network of international locations and resources provide our customers with unparalleled expertise and value for their most critical and complex test cell projects.


Atec brings 69 years of technical acumen to its turbine engine test program. Our substantial test cell team is comprised of engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and construction and service specialists that boast decades of background in turbine engine test and support. We employ engineering physicists, aerodynamicists, materials scientists and engineers in numerous specialties. Our technical team uses the latest data gathering and modeling systems to provide the best technical solutions to sophisticated test cell challenges.


The Atec companies prize our long-standing relationships with the jet engine OEMs that operate in the western world. Atec has successfully completed projects on over 30 commercial engine test cells alongside our leadership in US and Allied Forces military cells efforts. Vital Link adds to our test cell construction, noise suppression and field service capabilities.


The combined experience of the Atec companies meets the high standards set by our OEM partners, and our shared resources provide the speed and flexibility that set us apart from other industry participants.  We are an American-owned and family operated small business that can make decisions or commitments. We have the knowledge and background only expected in much bigger conglomerates. Our unique model allows us to design, build, or modify your test cell with maximum speed and value while promoting the highest standards of quality in our industry.

Turnkey TurboFan Test Cells Design and Construction

  • 10 meter Turbofan CFM 56-3/5/7, CF6-50/80C/80E, V2500, and new mid-range engines
  • 6-8 meter Bizjet Cells TFE 731, others (see Phoenix Modular Facilities)
  • Collaborative Contracting  construction greatly reduces costs and insures full input
  • 150,000 lb. Overhead Thrust Frame
  • Fuel Storage and Delivery System and other skidded subsystems
  • Portable Control Cab with ADAQ™ Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Large Scale Noise Suppression with Intake Grid, Baffles, Turning Vanes, Screen, Bellmouth, Collector, Augmentor, Cone, Basket & Panels
  • Maintenance Service Agreements (MSAs) available

Upgrade of TurboFan Test Cells


  • Upgrade and modification of Turbofan Test Cells equipped to test PW4000 series, PW2037, CF6-80, and CFM56 Engines
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install Thrust Frames
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install new Engine Test Adapters to support additional engine types
  • Modify existing Engine Test Adapters
  • Replace existing support equipment with Atec designed and manufactured support equipment to match larger thrust frame capability
  • Design, Manufacture, and Install infra-sound cone for noise abatement
  • Utilize Overhead Monorail Systems to increase Test Cell productivity
  • Install new Wash Bay

Sample Cell Projects

  • HAI/GE Greece 10m Upgrade
  • WZL/PW Poland 12m Mods
  • Kalitta Michigan 10m Construction (see video)
  • Delta/PW Atlanta 12m-6m Mods (see video)
  • China Eastern 11m Mods/Adapter
  • Dover AFB CF6/TF39 10m Mods
  • Saudia Air Mods & APU
  • Duncan 7m Construction (TFE731)(see video)
  • TWA St. Louis 7m Construction
  • SR Technics ADAQ 4.0 Controls Upgrade

Key Features

  • SuperLean™ Tilt Wall construction panels
  • Arachnid™ interior engine handling frame
  • New or Refurbished interior fabrications
  • Fast Track Project Schedule
  • Full performance for high bypass turbofan engines, 10K-90K lbs thrust
  • Efficient construction methodology that has set a new low cost for this type of facility
  • Modern, reliable intercom and video systems
  • State of the art ADAQ™ system with modular control room
  • Fuel delivery/air start packaged system
  • FAA Approved for Test Cells, Thrust Test and Control Systems


Atec highly recommends collaborative contracting for test cell modification programs. This collaborative approach gets Atec engineers and customer personnel working together on common needs assessment, specification, budget and schedule. Fixed price contracting can also be arranged. The project can be organized several ways depending on circumstances. Often times, OEM licensing may be involved.

  • Turnkey – Atec can supply a turnkey project which would include adapter, engine control system, test software, test nacelle equipment and other dress equipment. In short, a customer can contract with Atec for all items needed to add to the engine facility.
  • Joint – Atec can supply many of the items listed above such as the adapter, engine control and software. The test cell owner may already have or can procure some items such as the test nacelle and dress kit from the OEM or other sources. Sometimes used or salvaged equipment can be refurbished by Atec.
  • Teamed – In these cases the test cell owner elects to procure some equipment from Atec, such as the test adapter, and other items from another test cell supplier, such as an upgrade to an existing, recently installed software package. Atec has a long history of working professionally with designated suppliers or even our competitors in such cases.