Atec  has a solid history of completing challenging and unprecedented tasks.  Our efforts in support of downhole oil field equipment are no exception. We have provided engineering support for subassemblies of Cement Bond Log (CBL) Tools to be pressure compensated. We were also chosen to improve manufacturability of the tool, as well as address obsolescence issues with mechanical and electrical components. We were able to redesign the housing and the receiving area for optimal efficiency, as well as upgrade electronics, solve component obsolescence issues and reduce space and cost of electronics.

Picture of Atec Flex Joint Tool

Atec Flex Joint Tool

Atec also has experience in coiled Tube Measurement design. We were able to fabricate, assemble, and test three prototype Coiled Tubing Measurement Device Assemblies.

Because we are an extremely project-oriented company and well-organized to facilitate these types of activities, we have been able to provide engineering support to downhole and wireline customers. Our subsidiary, Hager Machine & Tool brings additional oil patch experience, especially with mechanical tools and components. We focus on building complete equipment sets that require failsafe quality:

  • Array-sonic Tools
  • Dipole Shear Sonic Tools
  • Induction Resistivity Tools
  • Modular Formation Testers
  • Nuclear Porosity Tools

Equipment manufacturing history also includes:

  • Casing To Rig
  • MPBM-BA Assembly
  • MPD
  • MWPS-BA Sondes
  • Shot  Sensor
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Inclinometer
  • DBA-B, DBA-D