A tec, Inc. designs, fabricates and commissions a wide range of fuel delivery, conditioning and measurement systems for jet engine testing operations worldwide. We build high capacity, low capacity, and custom-designed fuel delivery systems for our military and commercial clients. We can provide skid-mounted storage, pump and filter packages, and skid-mounted accumulator packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your facility and turbine engine testing requirements.

Key Features

  • Designs support all APU, turboshaft and turbofan engine facilities, including military afterburning engines up to 90,000 lb/hr flow rate
  • A drop-in replacement for existing A/M37T-20 fuel pumping trailers system
  • Independent pump/filter package and accumulator skid package
  • Single and double-wall fuel storage tank options
  • Coriolis mass flow technology
  • Skid packages pre-assembled for quick site installation
  • Fully compatible with all existing engine adapter kits and equipment, including all F100, F110, and other engine types

High Capacity Fuel Delivery System

  • Standard configuration provides up to 90,000 lb/hr flow rate (custom flow rates available)
  • Proven systems installed in the field for military afterburning engine test facilities
  • Double-wall fuel storage tank (U.L. 142 Label; S-2 DW)
  • Standard system configuration:
    • Up to 8,000 USG horizontal tank
    • 250 gpm + flow capacity
  • Accumulators Standard
  • Class 1, Division 1 compliant
  • Direct replacement for fuel pumping trailer systems
  • Coriolis mass flow, density measurement and totalization set the standard for reliability, accuracy and reduced maintenance costs (turbine flow meter packages also available)

Custom Design Fuel Delivery System

  • Atec will design a complete turnkey fuel storage, conditioning, delivery, and measurement solution to your specific engine testing facility
  • Custom tank sizes & turbofan flow meters available
  • Upgrade services available to recondition existing fuel delivery systems

Project Experience

  • Edwards AFB for Engine Test Support (Open Air Test Site)
  • Lockheed Martin/USAF/USN JRB Test Cell (Ft.Worth, TX) for JSF Engine Test Support
  • USN Test Cell (PAX River) for JSF Engine Test Support
  • USAF/FMS T-10 Test Cell for Poland PAADF, F-16 / F100-229 Engine Test Support
  • HAF (Araxos, Greece) for PW F100-229 Engine Test Support
  • USN (NAS Kingsville, TX & Meridian, MS) for Multi-Engine Test Support (F405)
  • USAF/ANG (Springfield, IL) F100-GE-100/129
  • USAF/ANG (New Orleans, LA) F100-PW-229
  • USAF/ AETC Laughlin AFB (Del Rio, TX) J85
  • USAF (Elmendorf AFB, Alaska) F119

Low Capacity Fuel Delivery System

  • Proven systems installed in the field for A250 turboshaft engine test facilities
  • Standard configuration applicable to most APU and turboshaft engine test facilities
  • Packaged skid-mounted fuel, tank, pump and conditioning system
  • Fuel flow and density measurement package utilizing coriolis mass flow technology (turbine flow meter packages also available)
  • Model 4760 double-wall fuel storage tank (U.L. 142 Label; S-2 DW)
  • Standard system configuration:
    • Up to 8,000 USG horizontal tank
    • Up to 75 USGPM flow capacity
  • Larger motors & pumps available for increased flow capacity