Atec’s modular intermediate test cells are the most versatile on the market today. Over the last 40 years the A/M37T-20 jet engine test system developed by Atec and Celtech has become the leading test bed solution for over 15 engines and their variants, including:

  • F100
  • F101
  • F110
  • F119
  • F124
  • F125
  • F404
  • F414
  • J85
  • TF33
  • TF34
  • TFE731


The A/M37T-21 is accepted for use by all versions of the T56. Additionally, technological updates address adaptions for testing the AE2100, T56, T53, PT6, T700, CT7 and other turboprop engines. Our Naval Engine Test Systems (NETS) group provides sustainment for the US Navy’s JETI/SETI/TPTI jet, shaft and turboprop engine test systems through our EPaS MAC contract.

Atec’s 50K Pound Thrust Stand 

Atec’s thrust stands combine decades of trusted engineering specifications with cutting edge modifications. Our clean and modern design has eliminated several hazards and maintenance challenges, such as side tie-down restraints. They also include unique features, such as engine access through the lower frame to improve maintenance and engine adjustments.

Atec’s Fuel System

Our Thrust Stands offer modular sub systems. Our fuel systems provide a skid mounted pumping unit and a large, double walled tank. The modular approach offers our customers maximum flexibility, proven design, easy maintenance and reduced susceptibility to obsolescence. This featured modularity also is offered in our Lube and Preservation systems.

Atec’s Control Cabins

Our control cabin is a durable and ergonomic data acquisition and storage unit, usually complete with Atec’s own state-of-the-art ADAQ™ Data Acquisition System. We offer large, ultra-quiet cabins that are forklift movable as well as smaller wheeled cabins. Atec cabins can also host other systems such as EDACS (for F404/F414 and F110), ENDAS II, FADAS, JETI/SETI/TPTI, and PC4.

Atec’s CASP™ Air Start System

The CASP™ Air Start System utilizes cold air and redundant air compressors in our state-of-the-art design. Atec’s CASP has been developed and modified over years of field usage and can be serviced by commercial dealers worldwide.