Risk reduction is important to our employees, shareholders, customers, and community. Throughout the Atec corporation, we carefully examine our operations not only to maximize efficiency and earnings, but also to maintain safety and sustainability for all stakeholders. We utilize both internal and external measures to achieve a balanced risk and compliance program.

Atec’s Audit & Risk Committee, comprised of Board directors and aided by financial experts, oversees a dynamic Audit program, as well as an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that enforce our corporate risk protocols. We currently have active risk mitigation plans in place to cover a comprehensive group of common industry concerns, including cyber security, disaster recovery, safety, environment, and geopolitical events.

As a trusted government subcontractor, Atec is dedicated to achieving the high standards set forth by USDoD and our other customers. To that end, we maintain compliance with several elite level certifications. We are honored to be an active and fully compliant registrant of both AS9100D and ISO9001 certified management systems, which have guided our internal practices and policies in recent years. Our adherence to these rigorous certifications benefits the overall quality of our products and services.

We strive to be a respected corporate citizen and a trusted, modern supplier to our large prime customers. The Atec companies believe in our duty to conduct business ethically and responsibly, with a focus on environmentally conscious operations. We are proud to be ISO 14001:2014 compliant at all of our locations, and we empower our team and implement safeguards to prevent negative environmental impacts.

The safety and health of our employees and contractors is of paramount importance. We operate clean facilities and emphasize safety protocols at all times. Our leadership consistently reviews our policies and procedures to ensure Occupational Safety & Health Organization (OSHA) compliance. Atec’s corporate emphasis on training ensures all personnel have the knowledge and tools they need to uphold the requirements of a safe, sustainable workplace.


  • AS9100:2016 Rev. D
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2014
  • AFSAR Approved
  • System of Award Management (SAM) FAR & DFARSs annual certification is current; Expires 09 July 202
  • Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement is current; Expires 02 April 2024