Atec’s manufacturing capabilities go far beyond that of aerospace and defense. We are also capable of manufacturing rugged oil field surface equipment. We have repeatedly demonstrated a thorough understanding of instrumentation, usability and parts kitting for many companies involved in oil exploration. Celtech offers welding and electromechanical manufacturing in Carlsbad NM. Vital Link provides equipment enclosures in Sealy TX.

Our history of manufacturing mobile turbine engine test facilities is very suitable for the energy field: The test facilities that we design must be transported, assembled and operated at remote locations and must withstand various climates and conditions. The same design and manufacturing capabilities can be readily applied to the energy field.

We have lent our data acquisition expertise to energy service drilling companies, having assembled several units with customer furnished materials for immediate field shipment. We have manufactured and performed support engineering for exploration companies’ Computer Assembly Boxes. Atec has also provided engineering assistance for building real-time control systems for an acidizing skid-mounted unit that controlled the mixing of various cementing chemicals in offshore and rugged environments. This project entailed handling waste chemical elimination, mix and delivery control improvement, and usage reporting/billing. No matter how unique the project is, Atec has the knowledge and capability to get it done and achieve project success.

Well Logging Surface Panels and Associated Instrumentation

  • Computerized instrumentation packages for logging and perforating data acquisition units
  • Perforating control modules
  • Logging display panels
  • Power distribution and supply panels
  • Repeat formation test panels
  • Sonic and caliper surface test fixtures