A tec fabricates, assembles, integrates and tests International Space Station (ISS) and Commercial Crew Transportation System (CCTS) components. Atec provides components to the major U.S. rocket launch teams. Producing both mechanical and electrical assemblies, Atec has the necessary expertise to provide mission critical flight components. Atec’s on-site machine shops, inspection, assembly, clean rooms and test facilities enable excellent program efficiencies. ADAQ  is ideal for portable data monitoring and control for extended prototyping and test applications. Atec is familiar and proficient with the applicable specifications, procedures, materials, and equipment commonly used on human aviation space flight, ISS, satellite, UAV, missile and rocket products.

Atec is proud to provide hardware that contributes to the ISS mission and life extension. Atec manufactured and tested Lithium-Ion Battery Adapter Plates that will enable solar panels, control electronics, and replacement batteries to power the ISS well past its original end-of-life date. Atec provides Environmental/Thermal Testing as part of this program.

Atec was awarded a contract to supply power flow units on the Commercial Crew Space Capsule. These modules are manufactured and tested by Atec to prevent system failure on the new human crew transportation capsule, CST Starliner-100, which will be used to ferry astronauts to and from the ISS. New awards continue with new crew capsule door assemblies and ISS observation window shutter actuators.

Atec appreciates the critical nature of Astronaut safety, and keeps a focus on quality and safety in this time of cost reduction challenge.

Atec is extremely active in proposing on new space related projects for multiple clients. Many new customers have surveyed our processes and capabilities, and added Atec as an approved design and manufacturing supplier partner. Atec has produced various precision structural supports to mount both traditional hard geometry solar panels and newer flexible panels. Concerning the growing launch industry, Atec has provided rocket stage separation rails to facilitate multi-stage orbital launches. Our selection as NASA Agency-Level Small Business Subcontractor of the Year, NASA-JSC Subcontractor of the Year, and SBA Region VI Subcontractor offers confirmation of our quality and dependability.

Atec Flight & Vehicle Efforts

  • Airborne Laser (various parts)
  • Atlas/Delta Rocket RL10 valves
  • G2/G3 electrical interfaces
  • International Space Station battery adapter plates
  • Astronaut onboard tools
  • LCROSS Moon Lunar Impact RL10 launch vehicle valves
  • Curiosity Rover launch vehicle valves
  • RD-180 Engine Operators “Go” Tester
  • RL10 & RL60 rocket engines
  • RL50/60, 25 RlV, J2X, & 2GRLV development efforts
  • Space Shuttle frangible nuts & other parts
  • SR-71 specialty propulsion equipment
  • Super collider cryogenic connectors
  • Titan Missile fuel control system
  • C-5 MADARS display
  • C-5 Landing Gear Components
  • Power Flow and Polarity Systems
  • Solar array/deployment mechanism production support

Space Vehicle Certifications

Digital Product Definition (DPD)
Model Based Definition (MBD)
Tooling Applications Approval
Design Applications Approval

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