Overhead Thrust Stands

Overhead thrust stand A tec designs, assembles, and installs overhead thrust frames to hold a variety of high thrust and high bypass engines, including the JT8, CF34, CFM56, JT9, CF6, RB211, PW4000, V2500, and PW2000 engines. Powerful jet engines require thrust stands that can withstand the high loads (150,000+ lbs.) and air flows interfacing with the engine test frame. Atec has designed and installed many such aeroengine test cells with overhead thrust frames to test these high capacity engines for our clients worldwide. Celtech Corp. and Vital Link, Inc. add significantly to our military thrust stand design and fabrication expertise.

Computer modeling of all structural and fluid (air flow) considerations are standard for our designs, with most having been proven in previous use. Ample factors of safety and engine growth issues are also considered in our test cell thrust frame and adapter designs. Operating factors such as utilities interfaces, easy engine adapter connection, vibration damping/isolation, hoists integration, monorail utilization, exhaust positioning, work heights determination, sub system mesh/clearances, maintenance/inspection access and worker safety are considered in our respected jet engine thrust stand designs.

Atec Overhead Thrust Frame Key Features

  • Designed for high and low bypass turbofan engines, including afterburner types
  • Load ratings in excess of 150,000 lbs
  • Engine is suspended and tested in test cell for increased engine test volume
  • Available on separate steel superstructure (Arachnid™) to reduce building cost and vibration
  • Can be integrated into building structure to maximize airflow and workspace utilization
  • Provide monorail access for easy engine installation and removal
  • Engine specific adapters allows rapid engine change
  • Accurate and precise thrust measurement
  • Overhead thrust frame designed for optimal air flow
  • Can be installed in existing buildings or new test cells
  • Designed to a minimum safety factor of 3 times to yield and 5 times to yield
  • Commonly load tested to 2X rated load
  • Ability to relocate reclaimed equipment (if needed)

Overhead Stand

Intermediate Thrust Stands

06d0252-006 T he Atec AHT50000-1 Advanced Mobile Engine Thrust Stand (AMETS50) provides for performance testing of all current USAF jet engines with thrust up to 50,000 lbs. It is USAF approved replacement for the current A/M37T-20 thrust trailer system with several safety and performance improvements.  Original A/M37T-20 test stands are available through Celtech Corp.

Originally designed using Test-Standsmodern FEA techniques to replace the thrust stand in A/F32T-8 facilities, the Advanced Mobile Engine Thrust Stand is now fully compatible with all existing T-10, T-8, T-4 hush houses and engine adapter kits/equipment, including all F-100/F-110, F-119 and other advanced engine types. It maintains all standard M37 (48″ and 60″) rail interface dimensions and hole placements, making it forward and backward compatible with all legacy test equipment. Now available in Left or Right (mirror) configurations to align work area access for stand and test cell. It is now being delivered into USAF and allied inventories. T20C testing is now proven for the Navy and other users for F404 and F414 engines, as a low cost alternative to the JETI/SETI/TPTI control systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Increased safety
  • Reliable equipment
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced performance
  • Expanded capabilities with optional equipment
  • Allows personnel unimpeded access to the bottom of the engine
  • Does not require adapter kits to allow increased thrust up to 30K on A/M37T-20C, B, A
  • Compatible with wide array of engines, including F100, F101, F110, F119, F135, J79, J85, TFE331, F404, F414, more
  • Extended NDT Cycle

Expanded Capabilities with Optional Equipment

  • Tow Mobility Adapter Kit: Standard USAF tow-bar hookup with removable wheel and axles
  • Clevis Load-Test Fixture for testing installed clevises
  • Thrust Measurement System: load cells and Calibration Kit

Major Components

  • Upper Frame – dimensionally equivalent to M37
  • Lower Frame – base for upper frame and clevis connections and hydraulic lift system
  • Thrust Clevises – foundation tie-down apparatus
  • Optional Tow Mobility Adapter Kit – standard USAF tow-bar hookup
  • Optional Clevis Load-Test Fixture – for testing installed clevises on test cell floor
  • Optional Thrust Measurement System – load cells and thrust calibration kit

Easy to install

  • Direct replacement for A/M37T-6 and T-20 thrust stands
  • Maintains rail interface dimensions and hole placements
  • Fully compatible with existing engine adapter kits and equipment
  • Slides to wall on tracks for aircraft testing
  • Provides proper engine centerline alignment with T-10 exhaust tube
  • Hydraulic lift allows easy connection to engine transportation trailers
  • Clevises clear the wheel track of most USAF inventory aircraft
  • Thrust capacity of 50,000 lbs. including blade-out considerations
  • Flexure plates eliminated
  • Compressor stall load capacity designed into system

Increased Safety

  • Removes side tie-down and turnbuckle hazards of existing T-20 stand
  • Clevises can be easily removed, leaving only embedded flush insert anchors and no permanent trip hazards
  • Meets MIL-STD-8512 requirements for safety factor of 5 at 50K thrust
  • Proven performance at USAF and USN/FMS test facilities
  • Replaces embedded deadman with removable clevises that bolt to the floor
  • Eliminates separate thrust frame adapter requirement


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  • Intermediate Test Stand Systems
  • Ground Thrust Frames
  • Engine Adapter Kits
  • Vectored-Thrust Test Systems