Energy Equipment Overview

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Atec, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing instruments for energy exploration for over 50 years. We apply the same meticulous approach in providing failsafe equipment for downhole energy exploration as we do in our aerospace projects. Our corporate energy ancestry includes CATCO, SIP, Lymco Electronics, Kestran, Amtex Supply, Coastline Exploration, Coltex Drilling, and Atec Resources. Atec subsidiaries – Vital Link (Sealy, TX), Celtech (Carlsbad, NM), and Hager Machine & Tool (North Houston) – all bring extensive additional capabilities to our oil patch support operations.

Atec’s energy support history includes downhole and surface equipment. Our rugged, quality products and superior customer support have earned the trust of energy clients who rely on our tight-tolerance standards to support their critical operating conditions requirements. We have manufactured both the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Measurement While Perforating (MWP) tools for down-hole and surface systems, and we currently support surface equipment for perforation, completion, and exploration.  Our expertise in high temperature electronics and soldering allows us to provide custom downhole support for client projects as well.  As an added capability after manufacture, complete acceptance testing allows the product to be shipped directly to the field.

Energy Downhole Tools & Surface Systems

  • Deep Sea Solenoid Actuators
  • Thruster Control System
  • Real Time Chemical Mixing Systems
  • Measurement While Perforating Tools
  • Custom Coils & Cables
  • Computerized Instrumentation Packages
  • Turnkey Manufacture of Recording Cabins
  • Wireless DAQ using frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • Hangers & Rings

High Pressure Testing

  • 20,000 PSI Helium & Nitrogen
  • High capacity flow testing to 4,000 CFM
  • 20 ‘x12’ Class 10,000 clean room with positive pressure
  • Remote control room with DAS (ADAQ)
  • Mass spectrometer leak detector
  • Explosion rated to 50lbs of explosives
  • Cryogenic temperature testing capabilities

Cryogenic Compression

  • Kawasaki Gas Turbines-dealer/packaging consultant
  • Cryogenic Test Systems
    • 1000 psi @400 GPM flow testing
    • Helium & Nitrogen Testing
    • Automated test & data collection
    • 3500 Gallon Nitrogen Storage
    • Class 100 clean room
    • Assembly, leak check, cleaning & packaging
  • Southern Gas Association
    • Torque meter development
  • Exxon Pipeline
    • Lymco Electronics- control & vibe systems
  • International LNG Delivery Systems
    • Supplier/Participant
  • Schlumberger Companies
    • Product and component sustainment
    • Real time acid mixing system
  • Haliburton Companies
    • Product and component sustainment
  • Baker Hughes Companies
    • Product and component sustainment

When it comes to new or legacy products, Atec aims to design and manufacture solutions for clients that increase field reliability and decrease long term product support costs. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing team can also transform a customer’s prototype design into a final product. In developing prototypes, our goal is to refine a design to achieve both economical manufacture and technical capability.

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