Site surveys are an important component of the initial planning stages of facility upgrades, major equipment refurbishment, or clean-sheet new builds. A specialized evaluation by Atec FSRs provides our clients a clear understanding of the cost, feasibility, and required methodology to accomplish their goals. Our site surveys and comprehensive follow-up analysis consider:

  • Test facility obsolescence
  • Equipment disrepair
  • System complexity
  • Custom fabrication
  • TNE, dress general accessories
  • Surplus gear and equipment
  • Environmental and Safety concerns
  • Regulations, licensing and ordinances
  • Unique customer requirements
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Maintenance/Sustainment needs

Atec Site surveys can range from a quick 1-hour inspection of a single faulty component to multi-week mapping, component listing, and 3D modeling of an entire test facility. In all cases, the data is analyzed by Atec subject matter experts, and a resulting detailed evaluation report addresses the site-relevant questions and needs. Project management, financing, and contracting issues can be addressed for the client in the Site Survey report as well.

Our customers additionally utilize site surveys to gain the hands-on understanding needed for setting up successful maintenance and sustainment programs. We also provide expert opinions for clients considering a potential purchase or renovation.

A thorough evaluation by a knowledgeable and trusted Atec expert provides the necessary information to make strategic decisions, establish budgets, prepare statements of work, or focus repairs efforts. Atec’s 69 years of experience and exemplary reputation for expertise in the industry make us a top choice among foreign and domestic militaries, engine manufacturers, MROs, and others who routinely engage us to conduct site evaluations at aeroengine testing facilities all over the world.

**Atec highly recommends collaborative contracting for test cell modification programs. This collaborative approach gets Atec engineers and customer personnel working together on common needs assessment, specification, budget, and schedule. **