Atec’s strong procurement capabilities are the result of our rigorous sourcing strategies and commitment to using high quality materials. Our success depends on our ability to effectively evaluate the quality, reliability, and logistical requirements of manufacturers and fabricators. We have built long-term relationships with vetted and monitored suppliers to ensure compliance with our high standards, and certification documents are obtained and provided for inspection, copying and retention by our customers.

Atec Legacy ItemsAn important component in our evaluation of suppliers is our corporate commitment to working with small businesses whenever possible. Atec has always incorporated a diverse array of vendors and suppliers into its processes, to the benefit of our customers and the quality of the products and systems we build for them. We are proud to be advocates for small business and small disadvantaged businesses in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

Atec, Inc. has an active Supplier Management Program that coordinates with Quality, Purchasing, and other departments. We utilize Commodity Management Planning and adhere to best practices developed over decades when procuring raw stock for fabrication and machine shop activities. We are adept at examining potential sources within the procurement arena and executing the most effective means of acquiring quality items. Atec buyers collaborate with our shipping specialists to coordinate the timely travel of materials, including items in need of expedited delivery for the preservation of schedules.


In addition to finding the necessary materials for a job, our buyers understand the value of finding materials or fabrication in strategic locations to benefit our customers and projects. While our buyers do not sacrifice the quality of sourced materials in the interest of minor savings, we do develop alternative ways to save our customers money whenever possible. We present options that include high-quality used, refurbished or surplus parts when available and acceptable.

For customers in need of unique or uncommon specialty items ranging from exotic alloys to scarce electronics, to test cell accessories, our procurement specialists have the experience and skill to locate likely sources and negotiate reasonable terms. Our 69 years of worldwide experience brings a valuable network of sources to our customers’ needs. For obsolete or hard to find items, our SARs CSI and CAI approval to manufacture and repair critical, out of manufacture items offers our customers another important sourcing option.