A tec is a leader in test cell design and construction for aircraft auxiliary power units (APUs). We are licensed and experienced for work with all major OEMs, DoD, and US Allies. Our Phoenix™ APU Cells feature common configuration, modular utilities, and fast installation and startup.

We offer a proven control system for APU test applications with auto-run capability, remote communication, and many other ADAQ™ features. The modular design of our Phoenix™ APU Cells make them locatable almost anywhere. Atec customers can expect secure and timely relocation of their most important APU test assets.

APU Models familiar to Atec include:

  • Hamilton Sundstrand:
    • T62 Series APUs
    • APS 500 Series APUs
    • APS 1000 Series APUs
    • APS 2000 Series APUs
    • APS 2100 APUs
    • APS 3200 APUs
  • Honeywell:
    • GTCP131 Series APUs
    • GTCP331 Series APUs
    • GTCP36 Series APUs
    • GTCP85 Series APUs
    • RE 220 APUs
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada:
    • APS5000 Series APUs
    • APS3200 Series APUs
    • PW901A/C Series APUs
    • APS2300 Series APUs
  • Safran Power Units:
    • Saphir Series APUs
    • eAPU60 Series APUs
    • APS500 APUs
    • APS2(800) APUs