Manufacturing Overview

A tec, Inc. is able to deliver first-class, quality results with talented craftsmen and technicians, modern production equipment, highly accurate testing systems, and a comprehensive quality program. Whatever your requirement – machined  or additive components, electromechanical instrumentation or turnkey program management – Atec delivers!

Atec’s machinists are experts at turning and milling close-tolerance parts, from standard materials to exotic metals. Laser cutting, multiprocess welding and soldering, coil winding and cryo quenching are some of our in house processes. Our capabilities include-3D prototyping, 5 Axis precision machining, additive 3D printing, waterjet, EDM, and tube bending. Our products range in size from small, intricate pieces to large weldments and fabricated structures. Atec has extensive experience with new 3D printing techniques in practical, diverse aerospace applications. Hager Machine & Tool provides additional capacity and 40 years of CNC machining experience to failsafe energy industry standards.

Atec has an aerospace quality fabrication department that is certified to all necessary AWS specifications as well as MIL-SPEC processes. Our capabilities include precision welding of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and several exotic alloys. We have the major types of welding machines and equipment necessary to perform the welding of test fixtures and other large precision weldments. Atec has a supplier qualification and rating system, and alliances with repeat suppliers offering significant extensions of our fabrication capabilities. We regularly provide Complex Steel Structures, Acoustic Silencers, Skidded Sub-Systems, Thrust Frames and Adapters, Augmentor Tubes, Hoists, Lifts and Monorails. Hager Machine & Tool’s 5-acre site has significantly enlarged our CNC machining and our laydown/storage resources. Celtech’s large scale fabrication assets have increased the Atec Companies’ production capacities and field services. Vital Link’s construction, field service, very large scale fab and acoustic component manufacturing further boost our capacities.