Field & Facility Services Overview

A tec, Inc.’s Projects and Field Services organization provides customers with the highly technical expertise necessary to plan, manage, and install new systems as well as effectively evaluate and service needs for their legacy systems.  Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Engineers, and Field Service Reps (FSRs) share decades of aeroengine support experience and military background, which uniquely equips them to support our customers most complex systems.  Atec and subsidiary companies Vital Link and Celtech can combine efforts to supply all construction, heavy fabrication, and manufacturing requirements for any service project.

Our customers depend on Atec’s deep industry knowledge to help them make sound long-term investments in both the repair maintenance of legacy systems and the commissioning of new ones.

We understand the value of extending life cycles of older equipment and can identify those repair opportunities. We are experts in refreshing technology in legacy systems to combine the digital benefits of new fleets with the savings associated with operating established ones.

We understand the value provided by the increased reliability and efficiency of new systems.

We excel in helping our clients make customized determinations for their systems and executing solutions to support their plans. Whether its back-to-serviceable-condition or all the way to zero-time refurbishment, Atec is well prepared with experienced personnel for on-site field and facility services.