From 30-year professionals to former USAF contracting officers, Atec’s contracts personnel possess the necessary experience to coordinate any project. We have performed under most contract forms and funding sources, including:

  • Cost-Plus Fee/Reimbursement
  • Firm Fixed-Price & Fixed-Price Incentive
  • Incentive & Collaborative
  • Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity
  • Time & Materials/Labor Hours
  • Blanket with Task Orders
  • Field Crew Multi Site Regulated
  • Guaranteed Max

Contracting Process

Atec uses DCAA certified Cost Accounting Standards in its accounting systems and contract administration. Our aim is to build common understanding and commitment to the project budget goals. To achieve these objectives, we prioritize continuity by keeping key personnel (Project Managers, Engineers, Buyers, Contract Administrators, etc.) involved from the estimating and pre-project phase through project completion and maintenance planning. Typically, a Project Budget is jointly developed through collaborative contracting. Over 75% of construction contracts are similarly negotiated. A cost reduction incentive (split save) on a full cost-plus fee contract encourages all parties to work together to develop an itemized budget,  project goals and cost-cut targets. Where our customer or a financial institution requires, a Guaranteed Maximum Price can also be established for the project.


Compliance is an important component of contract execution at Atec. Our current compliances include:

  • FAR
  • DFAR
  • ITAR
  • FCPA
  • SAM
  • RFID
  • Federal, State, Local regulation
  • FASB
  • CAS
  • NIST
  • ODTC
  • CMMC
  • SBA
  • AS9100D
  • ISO9001
  • ISO140001
  • CAGE Codes
  • UID

Contracting Vehicles:

  • F2AST
  • Seaport-e
  • PIF
  • FMS
  • FMF
  • EPaS
  • PROS V
  • IDIQ
Members of NCMA

Collaborative Contracting

While the Atec companies are adept in executing all contract types, we emphasize Collaborative Contracting in all facility projects. Through this particular structure, Atec’s team works in tandem with our client’s personnel to ensure transparency, minimize design and redesign costs, select key components and shorten project schedule. Among several other advantages, we can assist simplified facility financing through the collaborative model as well. Additionally, no contingencies, risk reserves or over estimates are needed to protect the contractor. A target price is ultimately developed using a contract form that incentivizes both parties to work together to maximize and share project savings.

Customers maintain hands-on, continued participation throughout the duration of their projects in the Collaborative Contracting model. Customer and Contactor remain on the same team to maximize innovation and cost reduction. Atec emphasizes continuity by keeping key personnel, including the Project Manager, involved from estimating through project completion.

Atec highly recommends collaborative contracting for test cell modification programs. The project can be organized several ways depending on circumstances:

  • Turnkey – Atec contracts with the customer for all items needed to add to the engine facility. A turnkey project would include adapter, engine control system, test software, test nacelle equipment and other dress equipment.
  • Joint – The test cell owner may already have or can procure some items necessary for test cell modification. Atec supplies any outstanding components. Sometimes used or salvaged equipment can be refurbished by Atec.
  • Teamed – In these cases the test cell owner elects to procure some equipment from Atec and other items from another test cell supplier. Atec has a long history of working professionally with designated suppliers or even our competitors in such cases.

Contact us  to discuss the benefits of collaborative contracting for your next facility.