A tec, Inc. is experienced in all forms of legacy support, including updating aging instrumentation systems. We are structured for economical production runs requiring superior workmanship of critical, complex systems. Low cost and sustainment are our bywords. During our 68 years of service, we have fielded over 14,000 discrete instrumentation systems.

Contact us about any hard to find aeroengine support gear from: Space Corp., Page Avjet, Shaw & Estes, Knight Aerospace, ASE, Celtech, Exceletech, IAC, Vital Link and of course, Atec!

Our subsidiary Celtech, has many fielded products as well. Now, Vital Link has joined our team. Together we support 25,000 part numbers.  Their aeroengine support equipment genealogy involving Page Avjet, Knight Aerospace, Space Corp., Celtech, Excellotech, IAC, Vital Link, Lymco, Shaw & Estes, ASE, and now Atec is well known. Celtech hosts the USAF T20/T21 surplus equipment “boneyard” at the Carlsbad Airfield. Our continued involvement with the T-24/33/16/FEDS airdyno turboshaft test systems, and other long life aeroengine support equipment is unduplicated worldwide. With our 100+ years of combined operations in aerosupport, we can help you with difficult sourcing and legacy parts.  Our sustainment efforts through the Hush House and Test Stands IDIQs put us in daily contact with U.S. and Allied maintainers worldwide. Aircraft and support systems are now far exceeding design life, and Atec companies can also help with refurbished and affordable custom manufacturing solutions.

Atec, Celtech, Hager Machine & Tool, and now Vital Link, all understand the requirements of configuration control and compatibility for both modernized/new items and older fielded assets. Where repair operations require incremental technology refreshments for obsolete/unavailable components to maintain form, fit, function, familiarity and interface under O&M expense programs, we can work with field personnel to insert the best practical technology per approved configurations.

Atec is committed to continuous improvement and regular product reviews to insure our customers get the maximum utilization of equipment life cycles and compatibilities. In most cases, Atec equipment is originally designed with product modernization and overcoming component obsolescence in mind. Our customers have come to expect decades of product usage and support from Atec.

Component Technology Refreshments

  • Technology upgrades
  • Obsolete component replacement
  • Instrumentation
  • Circuit board redesign
  • Parts count reductions
  • Reverse engineering


  • Supports fielded systems
  • Eliminates full retrofit costs
  • Allows in-house engineering to focus on new developments rather than equipment maintenance
  • Reduces research and development costs

Approved for Manufacture & Repair of Propulsion Sustainment Critical Safety Items (CSI) and Critical Application Items (CAI) for Source Approval Requests