M any energy, military and space products require durable packaging to house sensitive equipment in harsh environments. Atec can design and produce custom containers, operating enclosures, and housings to protect your equipment from the elements and facilitate work activities. Vital Link Inc. is well known for precision large fabrication and packaging. Celtech Corporation and Hager Machine & Tool, Inc. offer custom equipment skidding and packaging for energy customers as well.

“We have experience with permanent packaging of electronics and mechanical hardware to preserve equipment functionality while meeting industrial, military or customer specifications.”

Environmental considerations, job specifications, usability and customer needs all influence package design in areas such as:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Orientation of controls and displays
  • Ergonomic consideration
  • EMI/RFI emissions & susceptibility
  • Extreme environmental (Arctic, Desert, Ocean etc.)
  • Hazardous Environmental (Chemical, Vibration, Impact etc.)

Atec performs First Article Qualification and Environmental Stress Screening Tests.