Atec and our subsidiaries – Vital Link, Celtech, Vital Link Europe, and Hager – share over 130 years of corporate experience fostering our SME workforce. This depth allows us to hand-select highly specialized training teams for customer projects. We assign engineers, program managers, QA inspectors, and field service representatives to our teams who understand and have direct experience with the particulars of each job. No other company can match the number of personnel daily working on aeroengine support with the years of experience present in Atec personnel. Our training is often combined with a Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) to offer ongoing training & sustainment for customer personnel.

Atec, Inc. has been in the turbine engine test support business since 1953.  Our 69 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining engine test systems for both commercial and military clients worldwide uniquely positions us to be able to help with training programs for industry participants. Atec additionally consults and trains client personnel interested in gaining quality certifications.

Atec offers the following “hands-on” training sessions:

  • Operator Training

Atec provides comprehensive training for personnel in the operation, maintenance, and calibration of test cells. We can provide in-depth training programs that are conducted at customer facilities following test cell system installation and integration. Our test cell experts are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ personnel have the necessary training to ensure long term, successful system operation and testing.

  • Calibration Training

Data Acquisition and Control Systems (DACS) require routine calibration and maintenance. Atec’s Calibration Training program offers our customers the comprehensive knowledge and substantial demonstration required for safe, effective DACS operations. Our experienced experts frequently coordinate Test Cell Correlation as well.

  • Maintenance Training

Our Maintenance Training provides critical procedural training for the proper care of test cells. We include a full review, spares lists, and customized suggestions to suit each customer’s unique requirements.