The Atec Companies are fully equipped to execute any and all requirements for Turboshaft engine test cell projects. We regularly design, construct and upgrade turnkey brick & mortar facilities for test cells, as well as manufacture modular relocatable cells.

Atec and our subsidiaries – Vital Link and Celtech – have been the Prime contractors on many large-scale turboshaft engine test facilities, both internationally and domestically. Together we offer the most innovative menu of solutions for our aerospace customers.  

Configurable for Multi-Engine Applications, such as:

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, APUs
  • Pratt & Whitney 100, 150, 200
  • Rolls Royce T56, 501, AE2100 (J)
  • Rolls Royce (Allison) A250, T63, RR300, RR500
  • General Electric T64, T58, T38
  • General Electric T700, CT7, GE38, T407/408
  • Honeywell T53, T55, TPE331, AGT 1500, HTS 400, LTS101, CTS800, APUs
  • Safran Turbomeca Arrius, Arriel, TM333, Arrano, Ardiden, Makila, RTM322
  • Safran Power Units APUs


  • Turnkey engine test facilities: fixed masonry or portable
  • Equipped to test multiple engines
  • ADAQ™ Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Choice of Engine Loading Systems
  • Regenerative Electric Dynamometers – Green Power Approach
  • Hydraulic Dynamometers with Complete Closed-Loop Cooling Water System
  • Air Dynamometers, Propellers

Some of our Turboshaft Customers:

  • USN/USMC Air Depot in Cherry Point, NC
  • Bristow in New Iberia, LA
  • RollsWood Group in Sugar Land, TX
  • Colombian Air Force/GE in Madrid, Colombia
  • Bell/McTurbine in Corpus Christi, TX
  • Indonesian Air Force in Halim, Indonesia
  • USAF, ANG, US Army and USN in worldwide locations
  • Romanian Air Force in Bucharest, Romania
  • USN/French Air Force DGA in Bordeaux, France
  • Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA
  • HeliOne in Stavanger, Norway
  • Piaggio in Savona, Italy
  • AAMROC in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, In

Samples of our Turboshaft Projects:

T64/T700 Turboshaft Engine Test Cell

Atec has handled many significant projects in terms of complexity and cost. As part of a project for the Navy, Atec demolished the existing internal system and a completely new test system was installed. Atec was instrumental in the design of a custom water-dynamometer, which allows the T64 and T700 engines to be tested inside the same test cell.

This included:
• Retrofit of T400 Engine Test Cell to accommodate T64 and T700 Series Turboshaft Engine Testing
• Design, manufacture, and install universal engine test stand
• Hydraulic dynamometers
• Closed-loop dynamometer cooling water system
• Improved airflow
• New ADAQ™, data acquisition and control system
• Upgraded operator control room, Fuel Delivery and measurement system, and new Air Start system for the T700 engine
• Install of new water cooling tower and piping, dual water dynamometer system (or the Versatile Engine Test System, VETS), electric start system for the T-64 engine
• Modification to the Air Intake system and new Exhaust system
• Upgraded Fire System
• Hazmat disposal of excavated soil and asbestos abatement in several areas