Atec Purchases 3D Printing Machine

Caroline BennittNews

Atec started a 3D printing initiative many years ago, and with research and investment, we are proud to add our first additive manufacturing machine to our machine shop. The EOSINT M280 is the leading system for printing and manufacturing metal components. Atec understands that Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing is the way of the future. 3D Printing will lead to cost savings and allow for the flexibility to print complex parts that were previously difficult to machine.  “We are excited that the day has come where we can print directly to metal. Atec looks forward to expanding our investments and expertise in e-Manufacturing,” said Paul Fenley, President. This new technological advancement will benefit the customers of Atec, Celtech and Hager Machine & Tool.

The M280 uses a laser beam and 3D CAD data, to build the parts layer by layer. Metal powder is melted by a 400 watt Yb fiber laser beam, allowing complex geometries. Eliminating the need for tools, this machine optimizes and adapts the build process, and can sinter a variety of metals.

The Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing technique used by the machine to weld metal powders together creating a solid structure. Computer control ensures components are produced in excellent, repeatable quality. The laser sintering system can be adapted to different customer requirements with a variety of options and additional equipment.  Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM) modules can be added to refine precision, grain and usability. Atec will use the machine for prototyping parts and for increasing our manufacturing output. “We have been working with large primes to learn best practice techniques and have gained insight,” continues Fenley. “This proven 3D printer is used for manufacturing important parts by three of our customers.”

The Atec Companies are in the process of developing an Additive Manufacturing Facility that will be operational in 2018. We have had discussions with the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas about the 3D Printing market and growing industry. Forecasts predict the Additive Manufacturing industry to account for more than $20 billion annually in the next 10 years. Atec looks to provide 3D printed parts and products in 2017 & beyond.